Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. Here you’ll find answers to common questions we’ve received from our community of riders.

What’s your baggage policy?

Each passenger is allowed two checked bags (Example: suitcase, duffel bag) and two carry-on items (Example: purse, backpack, diaper bag, or laptop). Extra fees may apply in the following instances or need private booking so please feel free to contact us if you believe your needs are outside of those listed below.

  • Excess/Oversized Baggage: Checked bag that exceed 50 pounds or 23 kilograms.
    Total dimensions of your checked bags/luggage is greater than 80 inches when combining length, width, and height. Excessive size or number of bags may require a private booking. / $10.00 fee per item

  • Skis and Snowboards: Private booking required. / $10.00 fee per item

  • Golf Clubs: Considered equal to your total number of checked bags in any combination. / Pricing Varies

  • Bikes: Private booking required. (Box required) / Pricing Varies

  • Boxes: Excessive size or excessive number of boxes may require an private booking. / Pricing Varies

  • Surfboards: Private booking required. / Pricing Varies
What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Pre-Scheduled Reservations: We offer no questions asked  refunds to all customers who booked 12 hours in advance that cancel within 2 hours of their scheduled reservation(s). Failure to contact cancel a reservation within 2 hours of your scheduled reservation may and can result in forfeiture of your fare. Reservations must be canceled by phone, online, or by our mobile app. Cancellations requested by email need to be 24hrs in advance for acceptance if later than 24 hrs it will not be accepted as emails are answered on a first come first serve bases.

On-Demand: Trips requested and accepted with a pickup time within 20 minutes or less we offer no questions asked full refunds to all customers who cancel within 5 minutes of their pickup time. Failure to cancel a reservation within 5 minutes of your pickup time may and can result in forfeiture of your fare. Reservations must be canceled by phone, online, or by our mobile app. Cancellations requested by email need to be within 24hrs for acceptance if later than 24 hrs it will not be accepted as emails are answered on a first come first serve bases.

What If I Have A Flight Delays Or Cancellation?

Failure to contact Core with flight delay or cancellation information in a timely manner may be considered reservation abandonment and may result in forfeiture of fare. Reservations impacted by airline delays and cancellations may qualify for refund. Moderations or replacements of reservations due to delays or cancellations may be accepted at no extra charge but is subject to availability which may be determined Core.

What About Wait Times?

Airport Terminal Pick-up

Flights are unpredictable. That’s why we have created a waiting time grace period policy. Your grace period is determined by your pick-up location and starts at your scheduled pick-up time. If your grace period finishes and you have not arrived, you’re charged $.99/minute in wait time fees. We recommend that you provide us with your flight information so we can track your flight and help you avoid wait time fees. You have the option to opt out of providing us with your flight information however you may incur unnecessary fees or be kept waiting if your plane arrives later or earlier than planned.

Domestic Flight/Cruise Terminal: 30 Minutes of wait time included after plane has landed and $.99 cent each additional minute thereafter.

International Flight: 60 Minutes of wait time included after plane has landed and $.99 cent each additional minute thereafter.

Non-Airport Pick-up

10 Minutes of wait time included and $.99 cent each additional minute thereafter.

Grace Period

When the grace period has passed, we will contact you. If we don’t hear from you, your ride will be cancelled 30 minutes after the grace period has ended. You will be charged the wait time incurred plus all other applicable charges, with the exception of tip and tolls. If you need to extend the wait time, no problem—just give us a call.

Is Driver Gratuity Required?

Though we don’t carry a mandatory gratuity clause our drivers work hard to accommodate your needs and get you to and from your destination(s) safely. So please be kind to your driver they really appreciate it!

How Do I Find My Driver?
  1. To locate your vehicle, please download our mobile app (iOS/Android) and use the in-app vehicle tracking functionality and contact your driver.
  2. The best way to find us at the airport is to check your text messages for passenger instructions or come to arrivals at the United Airlines door. When you make a prepaid reservation be sure to opt in to receive text messages.
  3. Check out our location or your email confirmation for specifics on where to find us when you land. If you have not received an email confirmation for your reservation, you can request one, or contact us for further assistance.
  4. Contact customer service.
Can I Cancel My Reservation?
  1. Regardless of how you made your reservation, simply give us two 1 hour notice prior to your pickup time, and we will give you a full refund. iRide24 is unable to refund payment if cancelled with less than two hours’ notice prior to pickup time or in the event of a no-show. We understand your travel plans may be subject to change, which is why we offer a simple way for you to cancel your reservation via our reservation form on our website, on our mobile app or by calling customer service anytime, day or night.
  2. Refunds normally show on your account within three (3) to five (5) business days. Credit card refunds are submitted to the financial institution within one (1) business day; check with your financial institution for more information.
How Do I Change My Reservation?
  1. You can make a change to your reservation at any time by logging into your Core account on our website, or mobile app. Alternatively, you can also call customer service.
  2. Please do not send an email to request a change in your reservation. Email requests are handled in the order they are received and may not be addressed in time to comply with our 1 hour cancellation policy.
Do You Guarantee On Time Pickup?

Our drivers usually arrive 15-minutes before your scheduled pickup time. For example, if your pickup time is 10:30 AM, the vehicle will typically arrive between 10:15 AM – !0:25AM. If your driver does not arrive on time we will refund you for your trip up to an $80.00 limit.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?
  1. Ways To Pay
    We accept major credit cards only. Customers must pay at the time of booking to secure advance reservations. Any charges are processed at the time of booking and are refundable following the terms outlined in our cancellation policy.
  2. Personal Identification
    Our operators and staff reserve the right to request personal identification from customers with fares exceeding $250. Failure to provide personal identification matching information on file may result in the inability of the company to service the reservation.
  3. Discounts
    Discount codes are valid for use while reserving the service via core38.com and the official mobile applications. They cannot be combined with other offers. They cannot be redeemed using third party providers. Under no circumstances will a discount be applied past the expiration date.
  4. Receipts
    Phone-and web-based reservations have the option to receive an email confirmation with complete reservation and payment details. Core38 cannot guarantee the generation of receipts after the fact.
Can Children Ride?
  1. Children under the age of 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult unless written and signed permission by the parent has been established prior to riding.
  2. While laws vary from state-to-state, we support the strongest safety standard by recommending that small children five years and under be secured in a child restraint seat for transportation. If federal, state, or local law requires your child be secured in a child safety seat, we will provide child restraint seats that are to the best of our knowledge in accordance to child safety laws for a $5 dollar fee however we are not liable for accidents cause by child restraint seats while children are in our vehicles. If you have a specific requirement please bring one as it is the parent’s or caregiver’s responsibility.
Do You Have A Lost & Found?
  • Passengers are responsible for their own luggage and any items placed by themselves or Core38 representatives in the van. Core38 assumes no liability in the event of damage, loss or theft of any such property and will not be responsible for losses incurred, including but not limited to, loss of future profit, potential income, and additional expenses or losses incurred as a result of lost or stolen baggage or personal property.
  • Core38 and its operators are also not liable for lost items left behind in the vehicle by a customer. However, Core38 does want to help customers reunite with lost items whenever possible. If an item is lost, Core38 recommends the customer immediately contact Core38 Customer Care.
  • Returning left behind or found items may incur delivery and/or shipping charges to the recipient.

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